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Who is the next big star of the Takumi kitchen?

Time to roll up those sleeves and join the Ramen Challenge! Share your love for Japanese soul food, your own ramen recipe on this page! We already hear those engines starting: maybe you will win the grand prize: a special trip to the land of ramen, Japan! 

Classical, modern, or fusion? Everything is possible & you are in the lead! All you have to do is use a cup noodle as the base. Did you know Takumi has its own cup noodle? The Nissin x Takumi cup noodle is available in all the restaurants or online. Here are 3 free tips: aromatics, veggies and never forget: toppings! 

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Choose your favorite aromatics such as spring onion, garlic, or fresh pepper. Pepper knows how to spice things up. Plus: did you know that fresh pepper also has some great medicinal qualities? Its full with antioxidants! 

Choose your veggies wisely! They are the fundament of your own ramen! And we all love to overpack, don’t we? So go for those mushrooms, carrots, unions or be original: did I just hear you say Brussels sprouts?

Top it or flop it!
Don’t you lie, we all eat our toppings first? And why? Because they are the best part! Go wild and be creative: we have seen the fried onions by now 😉

Before we go off-limits: save us with your ideas! Upload your own ramen via the website and maybe your recipe will be the next Takumi hot shot! The winner will also win 2 tickets to Tokyo! #Takumi15Years

Sharing 15 years of love for Ramen🍜