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During the last weekend of May our winner of the 1st Takumi Lottery draw on March 31st, Valentin went on his trip to Barcelona! Together with his travel buddy Nero he went on this 3-day trip to the sunny city at the sea. In this trip report we can enjoy their pictures and stories as we interview Valentin after his return. How was their #Takumi15Years trip?

You just got back from Barcelona, how did you like the trip?
“We really enjoyed this weekend get-away. It was great to disconnect and unwind from the daily rush. Our flight was on Friday morning from Amsterdam to Barcelona and when we arrived in the city we went immediately for a walk to stroll around and discover. The weather was amazing, about 25 degrees. We also met up with a friend of ours from Turkey. He really likes Barcelona and when he heard we were going there he planned a trip himself also. On our walk we ended up in a park where a jazzy band was playing live music. For me this was the highlight of the trip as this chill vibe really helped me to let go of any stress and get into the relaxed Spanish vibe. I really enjoyed this!”.

What activities did you do in Barcelona?
“We wanted to see and discover as much as possible. We walked a lot but also found out about a bus tour that would enables us to see even more. The city is so big and diverse that this turned out to be the best option for us. On our first day we went by a Pop-Up exhibition of Star Wars, discovered the city and its landmarks and went to an Italian restaurant”.

“The second day we wanted to see the Sagrada Familia. As it was very busy there we decided to go on our bus tour that brought us to the Aquarium near the harbor. We also wanted to go to the mountains for panoramic views of Barcelona. We took the gondola to the mountain tops and had indeed very nice views. There were also beautiful gardens and a castle. At the end of the day we went to Takumi where the local Takumi staff welcomed us with open arms”.

Out of pure curiosity: what is your favorite Ramen?;)
“My favorite Ramen is the Buta-Tama Miso Ramen. But at our first dinner at Takumi in Barcelona I wanted to try the Tonkatsu as they don’t serve that one at the Takumi I usually go to at home.  At Takumi we wore our Takumi Collection t-shirts that we got as a part of the surprise box that we received upon arrival at our hotel. We had a really nice dinner at Takumi that fully charged us for the next, last day already”.

What did your last day look like?
“Our flight back home was in the late afternoon so we had some time left to discover a bit more. We went back up in the hills as there was an attraction park we wanted to visit. It was so much fun and the views are really nice. Barcelona is so diverse and big that I believe I have to go back to see it all. We went back to Takumi for a lunch right before we needed to head towards the airport. We had an amazing time!”.

Sharing 15 years of love for Ramen🍜