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At midnight last night we closed the entries for the second draw of the Takumi Lottery. This morning we woke up with a happy feeling: WE HAVE A SECOND LOTTERY WINNERĀ šŸ¤©:Ā Congratulations Agata, you won the trip to MILANOšŸ’„! With the Takumi Lottery and other activities we celebrate 15 years of Takumi šŸœ.

Didn’t win this time?
No worries! Your lottery ticket stays valid for the next 2 draws giving you a shot to win a trip to Amsterdam or TOKYO! You don’t have to validate your ticket again so just relax and enjoy your ramen.

What’s up next?

Besides the upcoming draws of the Takumu Lottery we will soon announce the date of the next Takumi Live Event that will take place in Antwerp, Belgium. During the live eventsĀ you can join the festivities in real life with: a free t-shirt for the first 150 guests, a true ramen challenge and.. many surprises;)

In case you really want to win that trip to Japan (our grand prize of the lottery) you can also join the Create Your Own Ramen challenge. The winner of this contest also wins a trip to Tokyo. What are you waiting for? Enter the kitchen! Read more about Create Your Own Ramen here.


Sharing 15 years of love for RamenšŸœ