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On September 30th it is time for already the third draw of the Takumi Lottery. With 4 draws during this celebration year, you have 4 chances to go on a Takumi trip. The first trip went out to Barcelona and last week the second draw took place and made Agata win a trip to Milano. The trip for the third draw goes out to the city of canals, tulips, and stroopwafels: Amsterdam. In this city guide you find out everything there is to enjoy about the capital of The Netherlands.

Everybody knows Amsterdam for its canals. The canals were made during the build up of the city and their purpose was defending the city and regulate the water flow as the city is below sea level. Today you can enjoy the beautiful canals during a canal cruise. It is a great way to see the old city center and it’s beautiful characteristic architecture. Did you know that a lot of canal houses have ornament icons on their facade showing what kind of family lived there? For example a shoemakers family would have an icon of a shoe above the main entrance.

On Dam Square you will find the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. This palace was build in 1655 and then served as the city Hall. Today the palace is available for the Royal Family to welcome their guests, the Royal Family does not live in the palace. You can visit the palace and see changing exhibitions.

Dam Square is located in the old city center. On the east city of this old city center you will find the world famous red light district called ‘de Wallen’. In this district you can find active brothels but also museums about the oldest profession 😉 From there it’s an easy walk to the floating flower market located at the Singel. This is a popular spot to buy tulips and the best Amsterdam souvenirs.

The true dutch delight you MUST taste is the stroopwafel. This Dutch Cookie (under which name it is known in America) are two very thin cookies that are kept together by pure caramel sirup. On the Albert Cuyp market (located in de Pijp neighbourhood) you will find a fresh stroopwafel bakery. We recommend choosing the XXL version. In the same neighbourhood (De Pijp) you can end your day with your favorite Ramen as you’ll find a Takumi Restaurant at the Ferdinand Bol street. Here you can enjoy your favorite Ramen and go for an after diner walk along the canals, back to the city center.

Are you ready to experience Amsterdam for yourself? Get yourself your Takumi Lottery ticket by using our Takumi Family member account at the check-out in one of our restaurants. You will receive a request to validate your ticket in your email inbox. Verification is very easy. You just have to answer the validation question: Why do you love Takumi Ramen? Easy question right? 😉 In case you already verified your Lottery ticket for draw 1 or 2 (last March & June) you don’t have to do anything. Your ticket stays valid for all upcoming draws! 

Sharing 15 years of love for Ramen🍜