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August started very well for Agata and her sister Agnieszka with a trip to Milano! Agata won the second Takumi Lottery draw and decided to bring her sister on a 3-day trip to the fashion capital of Italy. In this trip report we can enjoy their pictures and stories as we interview Agata after her return. How was their #Takumi15Years trip?

Hi Agata, last weekend you went to Milano. Please tell us, how did you enjoy your trip?
“We had the best time! Heatwaves are a thing now, and they didn’t skip Italy. It was so very hot, this comes straight to mind when I think back about it haha! But we really enjoyed our trip. We both have never been to Milano and as it turned out this city was on top of my sisters bucketlist so I am happy I picked her to join me. The city is so beautiful and the architecture reminded me is some way of Antwerp (where I live). But the colors and vibe are of course very Italian. I had a very good time with my sister, the city really invited us to rewind and have a good conversation and enjoy a nice Aperol Spritz”.

What activities did you do in Milano?
“After we arrived at Linate Airport we took a bus and metro to our hotel. The hotel was located very central so we only walked the rest of the weekend. This enabled us to see so much! For every day we layed out a route to walk and see different neighbourhoods. The ‘Brera’ neighbourhood was my favorite, it has so many cute streets and late at night there are still people eating and drinking outside. It had such a nice atmosphere”.

“What also really impressed us was the Duomo Cathedral. Once we arrived at Piazza Duomo and looked up to the imposive facade we were struck. We could look at it for hours, of course we didn’t as we wanted to see much more of this beautiful city;). To cool our heads we tastes a few different ice creams or as the Italian like to call it: gelato’s. We didn’t mind the Italian scoops.. They are BIG!”.

Talking about food… A part of the trip you won were the meals at Takumi, did you kept some space for a nice Ramen with all that ice cream?;)
“Of course! On our first day we went straight to Takumi for a lunch. It was so funny to see that you feel at home at Takumi, even in a different country. All Takumi’s have a recognizable vibe but also an individual character at the same time. Usually I go for the Don Buri but this time I went for the Yaki Soba with pork. The Don Buri stays my personal favorite but I really liked to try out something new with the Yaki Soba. Also at Takumi we went for ice cream as dessert (I love some good dessert). They had a Red Bean ice cream on the menu (not in Antwerp) so I -again- tried something new and boy was it good! For the best ice cream you really have to go to Italy”.

Thinking back on your trip, what is the best memory you have?
“Besides the meals at Takumi I think about a moment at the fountain of Piazza Castello. After a long walk we sat down at the fountain and cooled down our feet in the water. We had such a calming moment and good conversation there and that really sums up the trip for me. Together we had such an amazing time, it was very special be able to go on a trip like this with my sister! Thank you Takumi”.

Sharing 15 years of love for Ramen🍜