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At the end of this celebration year, on December 31st it’s time for the 4th and final draw of the Takumi Lottery. With 4 draws during this celebration year, you have 4 chances to go on a Takumi trip. The first trip went out to Barcelona, the second one went to Milano and on October 1st the lottery found a winner of a trip to Amsterdam. The trip for the 4th draw goes out to the capital of the ‘Land Of The Rising Sun’: Tokyo. In this city guide you find out everything there is to enjoy about the most popular city of Tokyo.

Did you know that Tokyo is also one of the worlds most popular cities to visit? The city combines the new (state of the art technology) and the old (historic culture and temples). One of the new landmarks you can’t miss out on is the Tokyo Skytree. It’s the largest structure in Japan (634 meters) and really sets the skyline of the city. The tower functions as TV and Radio broadcaster for the entire region of the Tokyo province. Don’t forget to get up there as it gives the most beautiful panoramic view of the city and far beyond.

Another landmark you probably have seen on TV, the internet or in movies is the Shibuya Crossing. This road crossing is the worlds busiest for pedestrians as 3000 people try to cross the street every time the traffic light changes. Those numbers are rather logic considering the crossing is located near Shibuya Station that handles 2 million passengers every day. This area is also great for shopping so make sure to visit it when you’re going to Tokyo. Public transport is very well organized in Japan so chances are big you will pass Shibuya anyway…

In the old, historic part of Tokyo you can find the Sensō-ji temple. This ancient Buddhist temple is the largest, oldest (build in 628) and most important temple in Tokyo. The temple is independent since the second world war but the temple still symbolizes the Kannon Bosatsu: the god of compassion. It’s visited by 30 million people every year and truly gives you the feeling of ‘old Tokyo’. 

Photo: Youka Nagase

Going to Japan gives you one certainty: you will be able to eat an amazing Ramen. With over 10.000 Ramen restaurants in Japan the locals came up with an amazing idea to get your favorite Japanse soul food even easier: a Ramen Vending Machine. This is the next level way to get your beloved bowl of Ramen, don’t you think? A must try if you ask us;)

Are you ready to experience Tokyo for yourself? Get yourself your Takumi Lottery ticket by using our Takumi Family member account at the check-out in one of our restaurants. You will receive a request to validate your ticket in your email inbox. Verification is very easy. You just have to answer the validation question: Why do you love Takumi Ramen? Easy question right? 😉 In case you already verified your Lottery ticket for draw 1, 2 or 3 (last March, June & October) you don’t have to do anything. Your ticket stays valid for this final draw, the grand prize to Tokyo!

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