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A few weeks ago the winner of our 3rd Takumi Lottery trip, Daniel, took one of his best friends Antonio on a playful journey to Amsterdam. Another friend decided to join them and so did 3 guys from Barcelona went on a boys trip to the city of canals, cheese and.. a vibrant Dance Music industry. In this trip report you can enjoy their adventures as Daniel tells us all about their lovely weekend in the capital of The Netherlands.

Hello Daniel, please tell us, did you have a good time in Amsterdam?
“I’ve been in Amsterdam once before and I liked the city but this time, together with two friends we had so much fun! We made the entire trip a bit of a party, with also some room for cultural activities. That balance was really nice and we enjoyed it so much that the weekend was over in the wink of an eye. As the year is coming to an end the weather is getting cold and it was also a bit rainy when we arrived on Friday. But on Saturday it was also cold but very sunny. That made the city and the canals look very beautiful”.

What activities did you do in Amsterdam?
“We arrived on Friday and found a Takumi welcome package in our hotel room. After that we went to the Heineken Experience. A museum/attraction that tells us all there is to know about the Heineken Beer it’s history and story of the present day. This experience was like a Disneyland attraction. It was so cool. After that we went to Takumi, that was really close to the Heineken Experience, and we enjoyed our favorite Ramen dishes. It’s so cool to see a Takumi restaurant in another country. I went for my to go pick: the spicy Miso. In the evening we went to the Rembrandt Plein area to have a drink and see some of the Amsterdam night life but went to bed rather early to make the most out of the weekend”.

“The next morning we went for a walk. As Christmas time is coming the entire city is decorated with lights and that looked so beautiful. It feels like walking in a Christmas movie! After our breakfast at the Breakfast Club we went to a museum about Dance Music. At ‘Our House’ museum we had an amazing experience. They tell you all about the history of Dance Music that is very much intertwined with Amsterdam. The tour ends with a party in the oldest club of Amsterdam. That was so cool and a bit of a taste of what we were about to experience that night…”.

“We went to a club called Shelter on the north side of the city. You take a ferry that takes about 2 minutes. Shelter is a club with edm music and it was all we hoped it would be. After a long night we took the ferry back at 7 a.m.”.

That sounds great! What did your last day look like?
“Of course we slept in after that night haha! And what is better than waking up with Takumi? We found out there was a Yaki Soba Takumi in Amsterdam so we tried that and it was amazing. I like everything spicy and the Okonomi was amazing. After the late lunch we went to the airport quite early so we could watch the Football World Cup opening ceremony there. Once we were back home we felt very satisfied and happy”.

Thinking back on your trip, what is the best memory you have?
“I think that the best memory is being with my friends in a really cool bar, the Bulldog. It’s the most famous Coffeeshop in Amsterdam where we we went for the vibe, music and real Amsterdam experience;) It was so much fun with Antonio and Marco. We really had that Amsterdam feeling when we were there”.

Sharing 15 years of love for Ramen🍜