Step 1:

Make your own favorite Ramen

Step 2:

Share your ramen picture and recipe in the form below

The 3 best recipes get invited to the final takumi ramen challenge

Ramen Challenge Submission Is Closed

Submission for the Ramen Challenge closed on November 21st 00:00.
The top 3, who will participate in the #RamenChallenge final, will be announced on this page very soon…

Ramen Challenge

The game rules of the Ramen Challenge


How to enter?

The base should be ramen noodles. Upload your own ramen recipe and ramen photo. This can only be uploaded at this page (www.takumi15years.com) via the form above. This ramen challenge closes at 11:59 pm on Sunday 20th of November 2022.

How to become a finalist?

The ramen entries will be rated based on: Photo, Presentation, Flavour combination & Workability of the recipe based on Takumi kitchen. The 3 best ramen recipe are invited to the final challenge in The Netherlands.

The final

In the final we challenge you to make your ramen recipe in front of our Takumi Ramen masters Mr Okada, Mr Saeki and Mr Ogata. During the final you will be assigned one of our Takumi chefs who will help and support you in your race for the win!

The price

The winner of Takumi Ramen challenge wins: 2 flight tickets to Tokyo for 5 days, optional 2 domestic flight tickets to Sapporo for a Sapporo Ramen tour* & hotel rooms for the whole trip. *You are free to decide if you want to go on a Ramen Tour or if you want to stay in Tokyo.

Right of excluding

You can participate as many times as you like as long as you submit unique recipes. Incomplete, inappropriate and double submissions of the same recipe by the same person will be excluded from the contest.
Ramen Challenge

frequently asked questions

Can I submit more than one recipe in the Ramen challenge?

Yes, every full-fledged and unique recipe will be judged by the Takumi Chefs.

Are there any limitations while creating the recipe?

No. As long as your recipe is edible and fits the Takumi flavors we encourage you to get creative as possible!

Is there another way to win a trip to Japan?

Yes! You can also win a trip to Japan in the Takumi Lottery. Here you can read how to join the Takumi Lottery.

Ramen Challenge news


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Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

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