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The story of Japanese Soulfood in Europe

Did you know that Mr. Saeki and Mr. Okada introduced the characteristic Takumi Ramen in Europe 15 years ago? The story starts in 1995 when Mr. Saeki and Mr. Okada worked together in Amsterdam. Sharing a big dream of opening a Ramen restaurant in Europe someday. During that period, he came across noodles made in Sapporo and realized this was what he desired. In 2006, Mr. Saeki brought Mr. Okada over to Germany when Takumi was ready for its grand opening. Their longtime dream had come true at that moment. The first Takumi restaurant finally opened in Düsseldorf in January 2007. Since then, its ‘Ramen’ as Japan Soul Food has been spread and become more popular throughout Munich, Berlin, and Rotterdam up to now.

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Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

Takumi 15 years

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