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Last Saturday, on February 11, the top 6 participants of the #RamenChallenge gathered in Rotterdam for the Grand Final. Out of hundreds of participants they were selected by our Takumi Chefs. On Friday they first met each other during a lunch after which they got the chance to prepare their mise en place for Saturday.

The day after it was time for the final challenge. Friends and family came to support and after two rounds of cooking our judges (the Takumi founders) came up with their final review. The quality of the recipes and cooking was so high that our judges had a hard time giving their scores. At the end there can only be one winner: Roma won the trip to Tokyo and his recipe will be featured on the menu as a special in selected restaurants very soon! See the after movie and photo report below šŸ¤©.

Sharing 15 years of love for RamenšŸœ